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I’m a digital artist from Madrid (Spain), who uses collage and photo manipulation as the main forms of expression of concepts and ideas.

My works are characterized by surrealism and optical effects generally.

I like to create atmospheres based on mystical and contemplative concepts, accompanied by nature and peace, I represent this things on a fanciful and magical ways.

I really like to read because I find a lot of inspiration in all kinds of books.

For me art is an incredibly therapeutic tool, it helps me relate to the world we live in and myself, it is a long-distance race that helps me keep the flame of motivation alive.

Some of my artworks are exclusive on Artgrab and can only be purchased once and will not be available on the site after purchase, If you are interested in any work that is not in Artgrab you can contact me directly.

Recently Adobe contacted me, to ask permission to publish one of my works on their Instagram, obviously I told them yes, it made me very happy, for me it has been a milestone.

You can find thousand of my graphic resources on Freepik

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